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To publish your first module to, you will need our CLI, eggs. You can install it using this command:

deno install -Af --unstable

Please make sure to use the -A flag to grant all permissions to eggs, so you can enjoy all features seamlessly.

To ensure that you fully understand all the new features of the latest versions, make sure to read the releases page!


Make sure you are using Deno v1.12.0 or later.

Permissions used

Check out the tasks we use the required permissions for.

eggs init

  • --allow-write - write to the egg config file
  • --allow-read - read previous config

eggs install

  • --allow-write - write to the .eggs-global-modules.json config file
  • --allow-read - read previous config
  • --allow-net - get latest module version
  • --allow-run - install module
  • --allow-env - get home dir

eggs link

  • --allow-write - write to the .nest-api-key config file
  • --allow-env - get home dir


  • --allow-read - read egg config file
  • --allow-net - fetch module data & publish module


  • --allow-write - write to the dependencies file
  • --allow-read - read dependencies file
  • --allow-net - get the latest module version
  • --allow-env - get global config file for executables
  • --allow-run - update executables


  • --allow-net - get the latest eggs version
  • --allow-run - upgrade eggs