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Welcome to! is a first-of-its-kind immutable module registry and CDN built for Deno.

How does it work?

Using Nest, you can publish your Deno modules to the Arweave Permaweb, where they can never be deleted or modified. With this feature, you can make sure that your users' modules will never receive unintended modifications or be maliciously manipulated.

What are the benefits of

Permanent & Immutable

Your files can never change or deleted. The Arweave Permaweb is a collectively owned, distributed hard drive that never forgets, and allows us to record and store your module code indefinitely. You can read more about Arweave here.

Secure and open source

Thanks to the blockchain, you never have to worry about a security breach that causes your modules to break. Our open source code allows developers to see exactly what goes on behind the scenes, while knowing that they can trust us with their module data. You can find our source code here.

Works without Git works independently of git, or any other version control systems for that matter, allowing you to publish a Deno module with only some code on your local machine.

Maintains the Deno philosophy

  1. Module code functions without a package.json or equivalent configuration file.
  2. Your code is served from a truly decentralized network of computers from around the world.
  3. You don't need to vendor your modules!


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