# Installation

To publish your first module to nest.land, you will need our CLI, eggs. You can install it using this command:

deno install -A -f --unstable -n eggs https://x.nest.land/eggs@0.2.3/mod.ts

Alternatively, to be informed of new releases you can install eggs with our global module manager:

deno run -A --unstable https://x.nest.land/eggs@0.2.3/mod.ts install -A -f --unstable -n eggs https://x.nest.land/eggs@0.2.3/mod.ts


eggs install -A -f --unstable -n eggs https://x.nest.land/eggs@0.2.3/mod.ts

Please make sure to use the -A flag to grant all permissions to eggs, so you can enjoy all features seamlessly.

Note: You need to upgrade to Deno v1.4.1 or newer in order to use our CLI.

# Permissions used

Check out the tasks we use the required permissions for.

  • init
    • --allow-write: write to the egg config file
    • --allow-read: read previous config
  • install
    • --allow-write: write to the .eggs-global-modules.json config file
    • --allow-read: read previous config
    • --allow-net: get latest module version
    • --allow-run: install module
    • --allow-env: get home dir
  • link
    • --allow-write: write to the .nest-api-key config file
    • --allow-env: get home dir
  • publish
    • --allow-read: read egg config file
    • --allow-net: fetch module data & publish module
  • update
    • --allow-write: write to the dependencies file
    • --allow-read: read dependencies file
    • --allow-net: get the latest module version
    • --allow-env: get global config file for executables
    • --allow-run: update executables
  • upgrade
    • --allow-net: get the latest eggs version
    • --allow-run: upgrade eggs